Sponsorship in Australia - a Very Real Possibility

What is it that attracts you to the lifestyle in Australia? Is it that the lifestyle you have in your home or current country does not quite fit right? Is it that the images and descriptions of Australia make it seem like such an easy way to live - like you are on holiday every day? Have you been to Australia before, and fallen in love with it? Is it the people that appeal to you - so laid back and easy going?

Whatever it is that is attracting you to wanting to emigrate to Australia, you are not alone. Australia is one of those countries that stands out among the rest. Yes, there is beauty in every country out there, however, do those other countries have the abundance of wildlife, the high standard of living, the relative unemployment rate, the gorgeous beaches and rainforests and the contrasting landscapes and dry deserts.

I admit, I am a little biased, as I am from Australia and spent the first 22 years of my life living there. I have also experienced living in other countries and traveling to various countries to observe their way of life. Every country is unique, but what I find the most appealing about Australia is that, when weighing up the pros and cons, Australia wins out with positives out weighing the negatives every time.

And you just cannot beat what that year-round sunshine can do for your health, well-being and happiness! I appreciated the sunshine for the first time when I relocated back to Australia after living in London for six years. I could not believe that each day I woke up to sunshine and temperatures in the 20's (Celsius) - and this was WINTER! Oh yes, the bliss of living in Queensland...

So...what is it that is stopping you from emigrating to Australia, if it is what you truly want? Is it the unfair rules that you need to be this, or you need to have that? Is it your age or perhaps the country you are from? Do you need job sponsorship from an Australian employer?

Whatever it is, if you are serious about emigrating to Australia, whatever it takes, then I believe it can be done. It may take years though - keep that in mind. It may mean changing professions. I may mean having a one-eyed focus for a 12 month period, or saving up a load of cash so that you can do it.

The easiest method for emigrating to Australia, if you do not qualify for an Australian work permit, is to find job sponsorship in Australia, from an Australian employer.

There are many many skilled workers in the world who do not qualify for any other Australian emigration stream, and require to find a job in Australia before they can emigrate.

If you have not checked out the current M.O.D.L. (Migration Occupations in Demand List), I recommend doing so. You can use this list in four ways:

* You can check it to see whether you are on the list
* You can see whether there is a similar profession on the list that you may qualify for with some additional study or experience
* If you do not fall under this list at all, you can see what occupations are in demand, and pick something that appeals to you - that you would really enjoy, and you can work towards that profession
* You can pick a profession that appeals to you, and see whether you can apply for a study visa for Australia so you can pursue that profession in Australia.

If it is your profession that is stopping you from emigrating to Australia - then change your profession. If it is money that is stopping you from going for your dream - the make a plan to save harder.

If your profession is on the M.O.D.L., your "road blocks" should be relatively easy to overcome:

* Prepare your marketing materials for success
* Create a successful job search strategy for Australia
* Continuously expand your networks and use them
* Tap into the hidden job market in Australia

Nadine Myers http://www.nabthatjob.com/

Other Resources:

Sponsorship Australia: http://www.sponsorshipaustralia.net/

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